Ousting Box Elder Bugs From Your Aspen Home

a cluster of box elder bugs crawling along a patio table on an aspen colorado property

It’s that time of year again. Box elder bugs are back, covering our homes and finding their way into places they don’t belong. If you are expecting trouble from these common home invaders this fall and winter, the professionals here at RAM Pest Control are here to help. If you want to learn how to identify box elder bugs and discover some quick and easy steps you can take to keep them out, today's article is for you!

How To Identify Box Elder Bugs

Known for their love of box elder trees, box elder bugs are a species of pest native to the western states but can be found on the east coast as well. To identify these pests, look for flat black bugs with reddish-orange markings on their bodies. Most commonly found in groups on box elder trees, these pests congregate on homes and enter them during the colder months.

Problems Box Elder Bugs Cause

Box elder bugs cannot hurt humans. They do not bite or sting as other pests do, and they are not known for spreading dangerous diseases or bacteria. What they are known for is annoying homeowners and staining furniture and drapes with their fecal matter. And, just like stink bugs, when crushed box elder bugs produce a pungent and disagreeable odor.

Prevention Tips For Box Elder Bugs

Because the only reason box elder bugs invade is to get out of the cold, your best method for keeping them out is simply to seal up your home. Here are some practical ways you can do this.

  • Look for gaps, cracks, and holes in your home’s exterior foundation. Seal up these potential entryways using a caulking gun.
  • If your exterior doors have even small gaps under them, consider installing door sweeps to keep bugs from crawling inside.
  • Investigate around utility piping and around door and window frames for gaps, seal these up.
  • Make sure your window and door screens are tear-free.
  • Repair any other damage to your home that could allow box elder bugs a way inside.

Another good method for keeping box elder bugs off your property is simply to remove box elder trees. This will greatly reduce the number of these bugs you will see each year.

What To Do If Box Elder Bugs Invade

Hopefully, the above tips will help keep your home box elder bug-free this winter. If they do not, and box elder bugs still manage to get inside, the professionals here at RAM Pest Control have your back. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will send a pest expert your way ASAP. No extra hassle, no wasted money, just results. We are standing by to help.

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