How Bad Is It To Have Conifer Seed Bugs Around My Eagle Home?

western conifer seed bug on stone

You may not be familiar with them or even know what they were when they crossed your path. Unknown to most homeowners, conifer seed bugs don’t bask in the popularity shared by other undesirable pests, like cockroaches and bed bugs. It’s most likely due to their harmless nature towards humans. However, they can cause significant damage to your garden.

At RAM Wildlife & Pest Management, we offer advanced pest control in Eagle to swiftly wipe out conifer seed bugs from your property. Read further to learn about these relatively obscure critters and how to prevent them from hanging around.

What Are Western Conifer Seed Bugs?

Western conifer seed bugs are odd-looking critters commonly mistaken for stink bugs or bizarre locust and beetle amalgamation. They’re small with a dark brown color and have six long legs, long antennae, and two pairs of wings. Light-colored and dark markings speckle their backsides. They fly and will use this ability if they’re startled or disturbed. They’re not the most aesthetically pleasing and often cause alarm due to their appearance. In the warmer months, you can find them grazing on plant matter. Because they can wreak havoc on vegetation, quickly removing them is essential. For the most effective removal, seek out the services of your local pest management company.  

Are Conifer Seed Bugs Harmful?

The good news about conifer seed bugs is that they don’t pose a health or physical threat to people. They’re simply nuisance pests that invade homes to escape the cold once the fall and winter seasons roll around. So, you don’t have to worry about dealing with a conifer seed bug bite or sting. However, these critters can create a bad situation for gardeners and farmers due to their main diet of plant sap, which eventually destroys any vegetation. These bugs can be difficult to remove, especially when large numbers overwhelm property owners.

But no matter the time of year, if you see these bugs in or around your home, contact professional pest specialists immediately to schedule a comprehensive inspection.

What Attracts Conifer Seed Bugs To Homes?

Even though they’re harmless, homeowners don’t wish to share their living spaces with conifer seed bugs. It’s hard to enjoy relaxing in your home with pests nearby. If you’ve noticed these bugs hanging around more often, it’s not because your place is unclean. It’s primarily due to a temperature drop; they seek shelter to overwinter. So, once the summer heat starts to wane and the cooler air of fall rushes in, these bugs make their grand entrance. But you don’t have to sit idly by waiting for their unwanted arrival. Take a look at these tips to protect your home from a cool weather critter invasion:

  • Seal exterior holes and cracks in the siding.
  • Replace worn or damaged screens.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to suction bugs up.
  • Eliminate gaps around cable wiring, underneath doors, and window frames.

If you require further assistance to get rid of western conifer seed bug problems, get in touch with qualified pest control in your area.

How Do I Get Rid Of Western Conifer Seed Bugs?

If you’re experiencing an annoying western conifer seed bug intrusion, consider enlisting the services of a professional pest elimination company. They’ve spent years learning about the behaviors and habits of bugs to wipe out infestations with pinpoint accuracy.

At RAM Wildlife & Pest Management, we’ve delivered exceptional pest control solutions to our residents since 2006. We pride ourselves on providing a superior customer experience, resulting in peaceful, pest-free living. Let us help you devise a plan to get rid of your conifer seed bug dilemma fast. We offer free inspections, so contact us today to request yours!

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