Why Western Conifer Seed Bugs Are A Problem In Aspen

a western conifer seed bug crawling along a vibrant green leaf outside of a colorado home

Another Aspen summer is wrapping up and fall will soon be here. With the change in seasons comes a change in the pest pressures we face. Fall and winter pests, looking for warm shelter, start to show up. Western conifer seed bugs are often a problem in Aspen in the fall. Here’s why.

What are Western Conifer Seed Bugs?

Western conifer seed bugs are about the size of a sunflower seed. They are mostly brown with some black and lighter reddish markings. They have small, pointed heads, two antennae, six legs (with the last set larger than the other two) and one set of wings that make a buzzing sound when in use. 
Western conifer seed bugs feed on the sap of conifer trees. When encountering predators, they release a foul, bitter-smelling scent to ward them off. Although they are mainly considered nuisance pests, they can become a problem when they infest a home in large numbers.

Why Western Conifer Seed Bugs are a Problem in Aspen

As summer comes to an end and the temperature begins to cool, many pests naturally gravitate towards warmer areas. The sunny side of an Aspen home is a welcome retreat for Western conifer seed bugs. As they congregate to warm themselves on your house, they can find a way inside. While one or two of these pests in your home might not be a problem, if you end up with dozens or even hundreds, they can become a big problem.

  • First, there’s the smell. Since their defense mechanism is to give off a foul-smelling odor when they feel threatened, your home could end up filled with a terrible scent if you have dozens of bugs all releasing that scent at the same time.
  • Second, if the infestation is large enough, western conifer seed bugs can cause structural damage to a home. They will sometimes pierce PEX tubing, which can cause leaks. If not discovered quickly, these leaks can lead to much larger problems, including rotting structural support beams and mold issues.
  • Third, it’s difficult and stressful to get rid of large scale infestations. While it’s possible to have Western conifer seed bugs in your house that do not cause damage, it’s still a headache to have to deal with their elimination.

What to Do About a Western Conifer Seed Bug Infestation

If you have conifer trees around your property, you’ll likely have these bugs around as well and they could end up in your home. Although a good way to eliminate these pests is to remove all the conifer trees on your property, that’s probably an unrealistic and unwanted solution.

A better choice is to enlist the help of RAM Pest Control. We offer pest control for indoor and outdoor pest problems. This allows us to eliminate any infestations you have in your home as well as treat your property to prevent future infestations. Our treatment methods and products are safe for trees, plants, and foliage, so you can keep your conifer trees without having to deal with the bugs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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