What To Do About Bats Roosting On Your Edwards Property

bat hanging in a tree

Bats are a fascinating and beneficial part of the ecosystem. However, many homeowners are worried when they find these flying mammals in their homes or attics. In this article, we'll give you some tips on what to do if bats are roosting on your property and how Edwards pest control can help you remove them.

How To Tell If Bats Are Roosting On Your Property

Bats are nocturnal. This means that they're most likely to be out at night when it's dark and safe for them to fly around. Signs of bats roosting on your property include:

  • Seeing the bats
  • Piles of droppings in the house
  • Urine stains on the walls
  • Hearing squeaking or scratching noises

If you notice any of these signs, it's possible that you have bats roosting on your property. Contact a professional service for the best way to control bats in Edwards.

The Health Hazards Of Bats On Your Property

Although bats are generally harmless, they can pose a health hazard to humans, so local wildlife removal is vital. Bats can carry rabies, which can be transmitted to humans if the bats are sick or even if they simply bite you. Luckily, this is rare.

Bats also carry Histoplasmosis. This respiratory disease is caused by the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum and is common in the United States. It’s found on soil enriched by bat droppings. The fungus grows best in cool, moist areas with lots of organic matter available for growth (such as compost piles). 

Bat mites and bat bugs are two types of parasites that live on bats' skin and fur, respectively. Bat mites can cause skin rashes and irritation in humans. Bat bugs can cause itchy, red welts on the skin. To prevent bat bites and other illnesses, avoid handling bats whenever possible.

Effective and professional wildlife control is crucial to protecting the health of people and animals in your area.

Factors That Attract Bats To Your Property

Bats are unique creatures that rely on the land around them to survive. They prefer roosting in dark, dry areas with little moisture, where they are protected from wind and rain. They also seek out places where there are lots of insects for them to eat! If you have compost in your yard, you may have seen bats flying overhead at dusk. This indicates that there is an insect problem nearby. If you don’t want to attract bats to your property, make sure that your yard is free of insects and pests! Bats may also be attracted to the smell of garbage or rotting food in trash cans outside of homes or businesses.

If you'd like information about pest control for bats on your property, contact RAM Wildlife & Pest Management for assistance in getting rid of these flying mammals once and for all!

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of Bats.

For bat control near you, the most effective method is to call a professional service like RAM Wildlife & Pest Management. Our expert technicians have several methods of bat removal that are safe, humane, and effective. We can also help you determine how to prevent bats from returning to your home. Some homeowners choose to remove bats themselves, but this can be dangerous and rarely successful. Our professional technicians are trained and licensed in the removal and relocation of wildlife, including protected species like bats.

If you’ve seen bats roosting on your property, it can be alarming. If you need more information or want to know more about our wildlife and pest control services, please feel free to contact us at RAM Wildlife & Pest Management for further assistance.

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