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When Wildlife Invades, Call RAM Wildlife & Pest Management!

When wildlife pests invade, the types of problems and damage they cause are on a completely different scale than many other pest problems. If this is the case on your property, you need a pest control company that specializes in wildlife control and management to take care of the problem for you the right way. We're here to tell you that we're the right company for the job! At RAM Wildlife & Pest Management, we offer a variety of wildlife control options to meet your specific needs including wildlife trapping and removal.

Our Wildlife Control Options

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Quality Raccoon & Skunk Control

Raccoons and skunks can cause substantial damages to your home, introduce diseases and parasites to your family, and become a huge (and sometimes stinky!) nuisance. Removing them from your property and ensuring that they don’t return must be your top priority. RAM Wildlife & Pest Management provides several control options based on your needs, including:

  • Professional trapping and removal services

  • Exclusion services, including the sealing of entry points

  • Daily follow-ups until your problem has been completely resolved

Professional Pest Bird Control

When pests birds invade homes and business, they can cause a wide variety of problems. To deter these birds, we offer bird spiking and netting services.

Specialized Bat Control

Like other wildlife pests, bats can cause damage and spread disease and parasites when they invade residential and commercial buildings, but they also present the added difficulty of being a protected species, so these pests must be handled with the utmost care. That's where professional bat control comes in! We provide the following services:

  • Installing one-way doors to remove the bats that are currently in your home or facility

  • Exclusion services, including installing bird slide, reflective tape, netting, and spiking

Trusted Wildlife Removal For Aspen, Vail & Roaring Fork Valley, CO Properties!

At RAM Wildlife & Pest Management, our employees are trained and licensed in the removal and relocation of wildlife here in Colorado. We follow all regulations of the Colorado Division of Wildlife. In addition to our targeted wildlife control services, we also provide control services for squirrels, foxes, beavers, porcupines, pack rats, and more.

When you partner with us for any of these services, we won’t rest until your home or business is free of nuisance, damaging, and dangerous wildlife pests. If our initial treatment doesn't eliminate your problem, we'll continue to work until the situation has been completely resolved. To learn more about our wildlife control services, reach out to us today!


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