What Every Edwards Property Owner Ought To Know About Western Conifer Seed Bugs

Western conifer seed bugs

What Every Edwards Property Owner Ought To Know About Western Conifer Seed Bugs

If you’re a property owner in Edwards, there are a variety of bugs and other pests you might encounter in or around your home or business. While some of these are commonly known and understood such as ants and flies, others might be less recognizable. One less identifiable insect that plagues many parts of North America is the western conifer seed bug.

This strange pest looks like a beetle and a locust mixed together. They are dark brown and quite small at only about 18 mm long. They have wings as well as six long legs and a long pair of antennae. They have a mix of dark and light-colored markings on their backs, and they are overall rather gross to look at.

This bug generally comes inside when the weather starts to cool down in search of a warm place to shelter. They can fly and will often do so when they are disturbed or startled. They are also commonly found outdoors resting on plants. One distinct fact about the seed bug is that they emit a foul smell as a defense mechanism.

Are Western Conifer Seed Bugs Dangerous?

Because these bugs might not be as easy to recognize, and because they might can be easily confused for stink bugs, you might not know whether or not they are dangerous. The fact is that western conifer seed bugs are mostly considered a nuisance pest. They don’t pose health risks to humans or pets as they are not known to spread disease or cause allergies.

However, they can be a big concern for farmers and gardeners as they can do significant agricultural damage. The main food in a west conifer seed bug's diet is plant sap. The other concern with these bugs is that they often invade in huge numbers. So, even if you’re not worried about them destroying your plants, they can become really difficult to remove. Their numbers can overwhelm homeowners making properties feel overtaken and out of control.

Prevention Tips For Western Conifer Seed Bugs

Because of their large numbers combined with the gross smell they can let off, keeping these insects away from your property is necessary. Thankfully, there are some simple prevention steps you can follow to deter them. While you might not be able to completely prevent them, these tips can help keep west conifer seed bugs, as well as other pests, at bay.

Here are the best ways to prevent an infestation of seed bugs:

  • Reduce access points by repairing or replacing any broken screens in doors or windows.
  • Seal up cracks in walls using caulk.
  • Try to fix any crevices or holes in the home’s foundation.
  • Install door sweeps and weather stripping.
  • Further reduce entry points by making sure that doors and windows are properly sealed and fit well in their frames.
  • Work with pest control professionals to keep these bugs away effectively.

Get Advice & Assistance With Western Conifer Seed Bugs

If you’re dealing with western conifer seed bugs, or any other bug infestation, you don’t have to waste time trying to handle them on your own. The pest control professionals at RAM Pest Control are here to help you. Our licensed and certified technicians can provide ongoing prevention and control of these seed bugs. We even offer free inspections. To get started today, give us a call at (970) 665-4117.

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