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When You Need A Higher Level Of Pest Management
Trust RAM’s Estate Management Program!

Here in Western Colorado, managing an estate comes with a high degree of responsibility. You're not only responsible for the property itself, but also for a large support staff, the overseeing of special events, and much more. When it comes to successfully managing the common Aspen pests you find on your estate, you'll need to work with a company that offers exceptional pest control in Aspen, CO provided through high-level attention to detail, organization, and communication. And at RAM Pest Control, our Estate Management Program is designed around meeting these important goals. If you're in need of a higher level of pest protection for your Aspen, Vail, or Roaring Fork Valley estate, partner with us today!

What Is An Estate Management Program?

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Here at RAM Pest Control, our Estate Management Program is a pest control plan that goes above and beyond the typical pest control standards. This program is individually customized for each estate and is structured and managed in a way that takes into account the many considerations of the estate.
We understand the importance of maintaining exceptional communication, which is why when you invest in our Estate Management Plan, you'll not only be assigned a pest control technician, but also a pest control manager to oversee your program and provide clear, consistent, and effective communication with the estate manager as well as any other relevant parties involved.

How Does It Work?

Details matter, which is why at RAM Pest Control, we follow carefully detailed guidelines for every step of the Estate Management Program.


As an estate manager, you work with many different people, from support staff to outside contracted workers, and you are a master of delegation. As we begin the process of setting up your Estate Management Program, we'll gather a list of contact information for all involved parties so we know who to contact for specific tasks, such as:

  • Property access

  • Invoicing

  • Service reports

Additionally, we'll also provide you with contact information for the technicians, manager, and office staff who are assigned to your account.

Scope Of Service

Of course, your main reason for hiring us is to provide unparalleled pest management. When you partner with us, we'll customize a pest management plan to meet the specific needs of your estate. This scope of service is not a one-time plan, but can be adjusted by technicians and managers alike to ensure that our service evolves and changes with the needs of your property. Once the initial scope of service has been written, it will be installed on your technician’s handheld device so they always have access to it.

Estate Access Protocol

Once the scope of service has been established, service days and times will be scheduled and access procedures will be verified, including entry and exit protocol for your service technician to follow. In addition, during this step, a contact procedure between your assigned technician and property manager will be established.

Monthly Service Plan

In addition, your scope of service also includes monthly pest control treatments. During these monthly service visits, your technician will check in with the manager assigned to your account prior to arrival to learn of any special needs or requests for the property, then follow the entry protocol and complete the established scope of service.
If anything out of the ordinary is discovered on your Vail, CO property during treatment, your technician will report it to the manager immediately. In addition, your technician will also provide a verbal and written report of the service to the manager upon completion of the service. After this has been completed, the established exit protocol will be followed.

RAM Manager’s Inspection Reporting

As your main point of contact, your RAM Pest Control manager will call you once per month to discuss your service, technician, and scope of service as well as any upcoming events, additions or deletions, seasons, expectations, and any other changes that need to be made for the following month’s service.
Your manager will establish a three-month on-site visit calendar and will provide quarterly and annual reports covering all pertinent facts of the service. This report will be emailed to all requested parties. In addition, an on-site inspection will be scheduled at the beginning of each inspection month with the on-site manager; this inspection will include a visual spot check inspection of the property. After the inspection has been completed, notes from the inspection will be passed on to both you and your technician.
Lastly, an annual managers' meeting between the property manager, RAM’s manager, the service technician, and any other involved parties will take place in the first quarter of the year. This meeting will discuss the annual report as well as any questions, concerns, or changes that need to be made to your Estate Management Plan.

Professional Pest Management For Aspen, Vail & Roaring Fork Valley Estates!

With RAM Pest Control's Estate Management Program, no detail has been overlooked. When you partner with us, you can feel confident putting the pest control needs of the property into our capable hands. To learn more about setting up an Estate Management Program for your Western Colorado property, reach out to us!


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