Packing Up Pack Rats In Avon

pack rat with young

You probably know how unbearable pack rats are if you live in Avon. Everything goes for these big-eared critters. They like gathering things in their nest. And they can cause serious damage to your home by destroying furniture and bedding to get nesting materials.

Additionally, they can chew through automotive wiring, spread deadly diseases, and kill trees in your beautiful yard by gnawing on their bark. Things can escalate from bad to worse with a pack rat infestation in mere days. Don't wait until that happens to take action. Call Avon pest control as soon as you spot one of these home invaders on your property.

Is This A Pack Rat?

A pack rat lives throughout different North American areas. It looks like a hybrid between a squirrel and rat with massive ears and eyes, a rat-like body, and a long furry tail. Its fur is usually tan, grey, brown, or a similar hue, and most species measure at least nine inches long.

These big rats are notorious for gathering and storing all kinds of things in their nests, from bits of fabric and cardboard to pieces of wiring, jewelry, and tree bark. They're herbivores and eat different plant areas, including:

  • Leaves
  • Berries
  • Nuts
  • Cactus
  • Roots
  • Fruits

Pack rats don't deserve to be in your Avon home due to their destructive and harmful nature. Let a professional rodent management company get rid of rats in the backyard for good.

Rooting Pack Rats Out From Under My Home

If you've spotted lots of rats in your home, it's important to act quickly. Once they feel comfortable living near you, they'll set up shop and keep coming back for more. Thankfully, there are several ways you can root them out from beneath your home:

  1. Sealing up entry points on the exterior of your home- you may need to patch up any holes or cracks with caulk, mesh screening, or another type of material.
  2. Cutting back any trees, bushes, or shrubs touching your home - a three to five foot barrier is best.
  3. Using poison against them- those infused with concentrated vitamin D3, which can induce cardiac failure in live rats. You can also use boric acid.
  4. Using essential oils and diatomaceous earth- essential oils have a pungent smell that's unbearable to rodents, and diatomaceous earth is highly absorbable.
  5. Using bait traps- smear some peanut butter on the trap and place it somewhere the pack rat is likely to pass.

Seven Signs Of A Pack Rat Infestation

Here are some surefire indicators of a swarm of rats in your home:

  1. Seeing one or more on your property
  2. Small pellet-like droppings
  3. The presence of massive holes on floorboards
  4. Damaged materials
  5. Gnawing marks on furniture and cables
  6. An unpleasant stench of rodent pee
  7. Tracks and runways on surfaces, indicating high activity

Complete Rat Removal Services For Avon Residents

If you seek quality rodent control services, look no further than RAM Wildlife & Pest Management. We're a Colorado-based, family-owned company that's been serving Colorado residents and those in the neighboring areas for over twenty years.

Our experienced, friendly, and licensed pest control technicians will thoroughly inspect your home for signs of pack rats like feces, nests, and chew marks upon your call. They'll then position rodent traps and bait stations in strategic places around your Avon home to eliminate the pesky critters.

We may fix physical barriers like wire mesh over cracks and crevices in your home's exterior to keep them away as an extra elimination measure. Contact us today for fast and effective pack rat management services.

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