Should I Be Worried About The Cellar Spiders Inside My Vail Home?

cellar spider

The summer sun makes a lot of us want to chase the shade. After hiking the beautiful mountains all around Colorado, we need cool indoor places to refresh. But we aren’t the only ones; spiders look for cool shaded areas, as well. Vail pest control experts know that cellar spiders can start to pop up all over homes in the summertime.

What Does A Cellar Spider Look Like?

Cellar spiders are one of many spiders native to Colorado. They occur all over the globe, and people recognize them by their long and thin legs. Another popular name for them is “daddy long-legs." Cellar spiders:

  • Are pale yellow, gray, or light brown
  • Are long and skinny
  • Have a small body
  • Have eight long legs
  • Have eight eyes

These spiders are the iconic spiders with long skinny legs. They don’t look as scary as some of the other Colorado spiders that might enter a house. They can vary a lot in size, but their legs are the main distinguishing characteristic. Sometimes their bodies can be bulbous, but they’re normally slender.

Habits Of The Common Cellar Spider

Cellar spiders are common household spiders, but they don’t tend to roam the house extensively. If they find a steady supply of insects, they’ll set up a web to catch them. They prefer dark, damp places. Often, they’ll come up from the drain or through cracks that they can crawl into from the outside of the house. Cellar spiders:

  • Like damp, undisturbed places
  • Build big, messy webs
  • Hang out near their web
  • Don’t bite humans
  • Are an indication that there are other insects around

If cellar spiders have been hanging around for a while, they’ll have babies with similar webs near them. This can lead to a lot of webs. They aren’t dangerous to humans, but their presence could mean insects are on your property. 

What Attracts Cellar Spiders In Vail

Any place with moisture, insects to eat, and hiding spots will attract cellar spiders. They might crawl inside unused equipment or old keepsakes in a basement or attic. Some good ways to get rid of spiders are:

  • Seal up all cracks in the foundation. You can use caulking for a quick fix. 
  • Keep boots, old knick-knacks, and other rarely used items in sealed boxes or containers.
  • Use yellow light bulbs outside instead of white lights. Yellow lights attract fewer insects.
  • Use a dehumidifier in basements to reduce moisture. 
  • Store your firewood far from the property. Keep the supply raised and covered.
  • Put up screens on doors and windows.
  • Place door sweeps on all exterior doors. 
  • Sweep away old webs. Cellar spiders like to stick to one location and consistently use the same web.

These and other Colorado house spiders sneak in through any crevice they find. Make sure your home exterior is sealed off. At RAM Wildlife & Pest Management, we know cellar spiders might not be the biggest concern. If you’ve found them, there might be other pests at hand.

Complete Spider Removal For Vail Residents

If left to their own devices in undisturbed places, cellar spiders can infest. If your basement or other locations of your property have too many of these eight-legged pests hanging around, you may need professional pest control assistance. For one, they’ll be a hassle to get rid of on your own. And secondly, if they’re all surviving, there must sufficient food supply. This may mean more pests that we will need to take care of.

At RAM Wildlife & Pest Management, our effective services have kept the Vail area safe from all pests for over 25 years. Give us a call today.

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