Avon Homeowners' Complete Guide To Effective Wildlife Control

a dangerous raccoon in an Avon yard

We love them, we hate them, but we just couldn’t do without them! The many wildlife species of Avon are downright essential to the food chain, the pollination cycle, and even the natural landscape in our little slice of the United States. Although they are important members of natural ecology, these creatures can still be a pain in the neck by damaging property, hurting people and pets, and drawing an entire household of parasite pests to your backyard. 

Before we get too far into the details of these pests, let’s take a look at some of the most common property-invading wildlife creatures in the Avon area:

  • Raccoons are sneaky, grubby, and easy to spot creatures that become more active at night. Their proclivity for garbage bags, dumpsters, and other forms of refuse make them a common sight around Avon suburban neighborhoods. 
  • Squirrels may not look like troublemakers at first glance, but if these rodents get inside your home, all sorts of catastrophic happenings can take place. 
  • Creatures such as opossums rarely attempt to enter homes, but their ability to spread parasitic creatures such as ticks, fleas, and parasite eggs make them all the more dangerous. 
  • Venomous snakes may be drawn to your property due to a higher volume of pest prey (think rodents such as rats and mice). These creatures may risk the health of you, your family, and any visiting loved ones.

Wildlife species in Avon create many dangers for a household’s health, wealth, and happiness. Many of the above species may become panicked or aggressive when backed into a corner, and lash out at human victims. Bites or scratches from wildlife creatures warrant an immediate trip to the hospital, or at least to properly trained medical professionals.

Controlling Avon Wildlife Species With 3 Easy Steps

Wildlife species may belong outdoors, but they certainly don’t need to belong to your private backyard. Do what you can to remove wildlife attractant factors from your home and property, such as:

  • Many wildlife species are attracted to homes with large or overgrown lawns. Carefully manicure your grass by cutting low and often. Prune back any branches or large plants that could be touching the sides of the home.  
  • Dry up any dips or potholes in the yard that could be holding on to excess moisture. Fill these areas in with dirt, peat stone, or some form of gravel. 
  • Do not allow trash bags or other forms of refuse to set out in the yard without proper care. Seal up all food waste in a large reusable bin, and make sure to keep your compost pile (if any) under tight supervision. If necessary, consider removing the compost pile entirely.

While there are many ways to prevent wildlife intrusion on your property, there are seldom few methods of removing them once established. If a current wildlife infestation is present on your property, you will need to contact professional assistance at RAM Pest Control right away.

Why RAM Pest Control Is The Perfect Choice For Proper Prevention

The wildlife control process here at RAM Pest Control was designed to get and keep you safe as quickly as possible. Our team of professionals uses an Integrated Pest Management approach to safely route wildlife away from your home without damaging the ecology of the Avon area.

If you’re ready to learn more about how RAM Pest Control can best serve you, please contact the Avon office location as soon as possible. We can’t wait to give your home a fresh start from wildlife pest activity!

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