When You Should Turn To Professional Bed Bug Control In Vail

a bed bug up close crawling on sheets in vail Colorado

Imagine for a second that you hate pests so much that you moved inside of an iron box with no windows. You made sure it was solid so that there would be no cracks for pests to sneak inside. You made it out of iron so that wood destroying pests such as termites and carpenter ants couldn’t eat their way through and you even added in a wind curtain at the front door so that no flying pests could zip inside when you open your door. Now, what if we told you that there was still at least one pest that could still get inside? Would you believe us? If you are doubtful, let us explain how this crafty pest would invade your home despite its defenses.

How Bed Bugs Invade

Now, we know you don’t live in an iron box built to keep out pests, but as we already discussed, it wouldn’t matter if you did. There is still at least one pest that could get inside and it is called the bed bug. The reason why these pests defy all odds and negate whatever home defenses you have in place is that you bring them inside. That’s right. Of course, you don’t mean to do this, but it can often be difficult to spot bed bugs when they hitchhike from place to place. They do this on items they can cling to. This could be anything from a pile of clothing to a used couch, it all depends on what they find first.

Signs That Your Home Has Bed Bugs

As we have already established, bed bugs are elusive pests. This does not change when they infest your Vail, Colorado home. However, they do leave behind a considerable number of warning signs to give away their presence. Here are some of these signs you can look out for:

  • Rusty red spots (blood drippings left behind after bed bugs feed at night)
  • Tiny black spots (bed bug fecal matter)
  • Small, pale, yellow skins (bed bug egg casings that nymphs shed as they grow)
  • A musty smell that some say smells like coriander
  • Bed bugs themselves

Look for these signs around sleeping areas, and in the seams of couches, chairs, mattresses, cushions, and in curtains. Some other places bed bugs like to hide include in drawer joints, under loose wallpaper, and even in the heads of screws.

Why Turn To The Professionals If Bed Bugs Show Up

The last thing you want is for a few bed bugs to turn into a serious infestation. If you suspect that your home has bed bugs, we highly recommend giving us a call. The professionals here at RAM Pest Control are here to solve your residential or commercial bed bug problems. Don’t wait to get back to a good night's sleep!

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