Warning Signs Of Gopher Activity In Aspen

gopher holes in lawn

Gophers are wild animals; when they find their way to our Aspen, Colorado, properties, they can cause a lot of destruction in a short amount of time. Learning about gophers and their common warning signs is vital to protecting your outdoor space from these wild animals and the problems they cause.

RAM Pest Control is proud to be a wildlife control expert that Aspen homeowners can trust to guard their properties against unwanted intruders. We are here to help people learn more about gopher activity, what gopher activity looks like, and the benefits of professional gopher control in Aspen. Read here to help maintain a property that gophers and other problematic wildlife do not overrun.

Gopher Season: When Is Gopher Activity Most Common Around Aspen?

Gophers are most active in the spring and fall when temperatures are most favorable, and there is plenty of healthy green vegetation for them to use as food sources.

On a day-to-day basis, gophers are most active overnight and in the late afternoon. These prey animals choose dawn and dusk to be most active because those are the times of day when predators are least active, and they can feed and breed more safely. If you regularly spot gophers in your yard, it is time to reach out to a professional and learn about gopher control methods.

What Gopher Damage Looks Like Around Aspen Lawns

Gophers are tunneling pests that spend most of their time under the ground. If gophers have decided to use your yard as a place to live, breed, and feed, you will likely notice the following things:

  • Crescent or horseshoe-shaped mounds of dirt
  • Entrance and exit holes
  • Dips or low spots in the ground or under walkways or patios
  • Areas of dead or wilting plants or grass
  • Shallow tunnels of earth located just below the ground
  • Irrigation systems that are leaking or no longer working correctly

The presence of gophers in our yards leads to unsightly damage and costly repairs. Additionally, their dirt mounds, entrances, and exits are trip and fall hazards and can make mowing difficult. The best way to limit the damage gophers cause when they find their way to your property is to contact a local wildlife control professional for help.

Tips To Reduce Your Risk For Gopher Activity In Aspen

Gophers are a type of wild animal. They will live anywhere that provides them with safe living quarters and easy access to food and water. Unfortunately, our yards often provide gophers with their basic needs.

To help you reduce the risk of gophers in Aspen finding their way to your property, we have compiled a list of helpful prevention tips:

  • Bury fencing at least 12-18 inches into the ground to keep gophers out of gardens and from getting under sheds and other outbuildings.
  • If installing fencing around gardens isn’t possible, use raised planting boxes to plant gardens.
  • Avoid overwatering your lawn; gophers like to dig through loose, damp soil.
  • Encourage the presence of natural predators like owls and hawks on your property by installing nesting boxes.
  • Place plants in garden areas that are naturally unpleasant to gophers like rosemary, strawberries, and lavender.

Despite your best efforts, gophers can find their way to any Aspen property; if they do, don’t hesitate to call RAM Pest Control. Professional gopher pest control is the best way to remove these destructive pests from your Aspen property.

Your Source For Gophers And Other Wildlife In Aspen

RAM Pest Control is proud to be a trusted resource for homeowners in Aspen. We are committed to our customers and dedicated to providing quality wildlife control services. We always strive to exceed expectations and offer pest control services that meet the unique needs of all our customers. If gophers have become an issue on your property, we are here to help. For the best gopher control near you, contact us at RAM Pest Control and learn about our reliable gopher control services in Aspen.

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