Gophers In Gardens: Effective Strategies For Managing Gopher Damage In Aspen

Gophers On Landscapes

Pocket gophers, typically known as gophers, are rodents belonging to the Geomyidae family. Gophers are known for burrowing or tunneling in the soil, which may create property damage in the yards of Aspen-area homeowners. In Colorado, four primary types of gophers exist: plains pocket gophers (Geomys bursarius), northern pocket gophers (Thomomys talpoides), valley pocket gophers (Thomomys bottae), and yellow-faced pocket gophers (Pappogeomys castanops).

What are the most effective gopher control devices for homeowners to consider using? Too many property owners try do-it-yourself home gopher control products that are sold in local retail stores such as repellents or traps. Unfortunately, the options are notoriously ineffective and simply result in prolonged frustration. The best way of handling these rodents begins by contacting a provider of residential gopher control in Aspen. RAM Pest Control is here to help.

Understanding Gophers: Anatomy And Behavior

Gophers are mid-sized rodents with bodies that may range from 5 to more than 12 inches long. Gophers have strong front paws with claws that they use for digging. As with all types of rodents, gophers have overgrown front teeth called incisors. Rodents often use their incisors to help dig through stubborn soil.

Gophers have pockets or pouches in their cheeks where they store and transport food, which are primarily types of plant-derived material. These creatures will consume the roots of plants within the soil and also pull the above-ground vegetation into their tunnels to eat.

Gardener's Woes: Assessing The Impact Of Gophers On Landscapes

How can gophers damage the lawn and garden areas of homes in Aspen?

Gophers may be destructive in lawn and garden areas as they tunnel through the soil and create holes, which might pose risks of slip-and-fall accidents. Gophers will damage lawns and destroy plants growing on your property.

Gophers may also harm trees by consuming the bark, a process known as girdling. As they burrow, gophers might also damage underground utility lines and irrigation system components.

Are gophers causing damage on your Aspen property? A qualified gopher pest control company like RAM Pest Control understands the behavior of these unwanted creatures. The pros will efficiently remove these pests from the premises without compromising the safety of you and your family. Qualified technicians are also adept at performing pet-friendly gopher control services.

Gardening Resilience: Protect Your Plants From Gopher Damage

What are some of the most effective ways to stop gophers from creating costly damage in your yard? Homeowners in the Aspen region should consider the following best practices:

  • Prevent gophers from accessing plants by installing mesh hardware cloth at a depth of at least 18 inches below the surface.
  • Install plastic cylinders or tubes around newly planted seedlings to limit gopher access.
  • Create raised beds covered with a durable mesh or other impenetrable material.
  • Keep the grass trimmed and cut back any excessive vegetation.

While the aforementioned preventative methods have proven to be viable, gophers are crafty and resilient creatures that might thwart your efforts. Those who are struggling with gophers on their property should consult with a qualified professional. Today, experienced gopher pest control companies use many of the latest gopher control methods in the industry.

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