They Are Coming... Are You Ready?

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By this time, winter is well behind us and spring is about to leave as well. This means that wildlife is becoming more and more active. The question is, are they going to be active around your yard this summer? Our hope is that after this article you will have the knowledge you need to keep wildlife off your property this summer.

Things You May Be Doing That Attract Wildlife To Your Property

Who doesn’t like free food? We know that wild animals love it. That being said, can you guess the biggest mistake homeowners make that attracts wildlife onto their properties? They leave food out where it is easily accessible. Obviously, if you are leaving scraps of food in your yard or leaving trash in trash cans that don't have secured lids, wild creatures are going to want to be around. Squirrels love snacking on birdseed that falls from bird feeders. Raccoons love stealing leftover pet food (and water left out in water bowls). On top of this, some other factors that also attract wildlife include clutter, holes in your yard, and water build up.

Things You Can Do To Avoid Wildlife Problems

As we just discussed, there are a number of things you can do to attract wildlife to your property. Even the simple act of accidentally dropping part of a hamburger while having a cookout with your family is enough to attract a carnivorous wild animal to your property. Prevention starts with you. Remain vigilant not to leave food such as bird feed, pet food, and human food out for wild animals and you will have less of a problem with wildlife this summer.

When To Call In The Pros For Wildlife Problems

Unfortunately, sometimes wild animals don’t invade for any given reason, they just happen to wander onto our properties and decide to stick around. If this is the case for your home, give the pros here at RAM Pest Control a call! We will send one of our experts your way to safely deal with your unwanted furry visitors. Don’t risk your health and safety dealing with wild animals, let RAM take care of your pests today!

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