What It Takes To Get Rid Of German Cockroaches In Your Aspen Home

german cockroach crawling in kitchen

Aspen pest control companies know how important it is to keep homes free of cockroaches. Homeowners may go their whole lives without meeting a more formidable match to their property’s integrity. Roaches are, easily, one of the most cumbersome pests nature can throw at us.

German cockroaches, specifically, are rather common. Worse still, these creepy crawlies are very difficult to get rid of once they’ve set up shop in a home or business.

We’ve put together a guide full of fast facts that will assist homeowners in identifying, diagnosing, and eradicating an infestation of cockroaches, large or small. Read on if you’re ready to take your home back for good.

How To Identify A German Cockroach

German cockroaches don’t look too dissimilar to other cockroach species. That said, there are some distinguishing factors to be on the lookout for.

German cockroaches, for example, have a light tan coloration, with two very small but noticeable black stripes on the back of their heads.

You can also be on the lookout for the signs of the bugs and not the actual bugs themselves. Cockroaches tend to leave waste matter that looks a little bit like grains of pepper in their wake, and it’s often in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Stay on the lookout for these factors and you’ll know how to identify a cockroach if the need ever arises.

Why German Cockroaches Are Worse Than Other Roaches

Can cockroaches kill you? Why are German cockroaches often described by experts as “worse” than other kinds? It comes down to a few factors.

While cockroaches aren’t necessarily predatory toward humans, their capacity for spreading diseases and other hazardous materials is notorious.

In particular, German cockroaches pose an even bigger threat than most due to the speed of their reproductive cycle. These bugs will begin regenerating and growing their population much more quickly than other types of roaches, which means an infestation is more likely to develop – and in a shorter amount of time, too.

Why You Can't Get Rid Of German Cockroaches On Your Own

How do you get cockroaches off your property? You wouldn’t be the first, or the last person to ask that question. German cockroaches are incredibly difficult to expel from your property. Some reasons why they’re so evasive are:

  • Their size. Roaches aren’t the smallest insects, but they are easy to miss sometimes.
  • Their ability to hide. Roaches know that light equates to predators nearby, so they only come out at night (for the most part).
  • Their reproductive capabilities.
  • It’s hazardous to come into contact with these bugs!

As you can see, German cockroaches on your property can be seriously tricky to get rid of.

Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of German Cockroaches

Professionals are the only ones who stand a chance at eradicating cockroach infestations. These animals are some of nature’s toughest and most effective survivors. Their persistence and myth-like resistance to diseases and pathogens make them formidable, to be sure.

If you’re dealing with cockroaches on your property and want to know how to deter cockroaches for good, it’s time to pick up the phone. RAM Wildlife & Pest Management is standing by and ready to help you retake your home from roaches today.

Don’t play the odds and try to wait out the infestation. These bugs won’t go away, and they don’t respect personal space! As an infestation worsens, so too do the chances of avoiding the many health risks that cockroaches pose. Don’t delay if you see roaches on your property!

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