Signs You May Be In Over Your Head With Your Mouse Infestation In Vail

house mice eating a biscuit

Mice are tiny rodents with an unfortunate habit of invading people's homes. They're infamous for stealing any food they find and sometimes even causing some property damage along the way, as well as for spreading a number of dangerous diseases. These rodents breed rapidly, making them rather difficult to remove once they've taken root inside your home. If you're noticing signs of mice around your Vail home, it may be time to contact the professionals for guidance. In this post, we'll outline exactly why that is, as well as provide a few helpful tips on effective mouse control.

If I See One Mouse In My Home, Does That Mean There Are More?

Chances are, yes. If you see a mouse in your home, there are likely more on the way, and perhaps some are already hiding elsewhere. A single female house mouse can produce dozens of baby mice in a single year, and they're sure to stick around your home for generations as long as it offers them the easy abundance of food and shelter they're after. That's why it's so important to know how to get rid of mice and how to keep mice out of your house.

Can Mice Make You Sick Without Touching Them?

Mice are extremely unsanitary animals. They spread a wide variety of diseases as well as parasites such as fleas while they scavenge for food and nest in people's homes. They also tend to leave their droppings everywhere, which only makes matters worse. Although the most common form of disease transmission in regards to house mice is physical contact, mice can also make you sick without you having to touch them at all, usually by contaminating food storage areas or through the bacteria left in their fecal droppings. Here are just a few of the diseases you could catch if there are mice in your home:

  • Salmonella
  • Hantavirus
  • Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis
  • Rat-bite Fever

If you have a mouse problem in your home and are experiencing health issues, it's best to reach out to a medical professional. 

Why Aren't Mouse Traps Enough?

Mice are surprisingly clever creatures, all things considered. They have to be extremely adaptable out in the wild in order to find food and evade predators, and these keen survival instincts translate very well within the comparative paradise inside the walls of your home. Mice can gnaw holes through certain materials and are able to squeeze through holes as small in diameter as a dime. 

They are also highly social animals and can adapt to any traps or other hazards in their environment. Mousetraps may catch a couple of stragglers, but the group will quickly learn to avoid them in the future, reproducing fast enough to replace and surpass their previous numbers. At the end of the day, there's only one surefire way to get rid of mice in your home.

How Do I Get Rid Of Mice In My Home For Good?

Whether you're currently struggling with a mice infestation in your home or just want to make sure you never do, there's one guaranteed method of pest control in Vail. Reach out to the experts at RAM Pest Control for effective treatment and ongoing guidance. Not only will we take care of the present problem, but we'll also work with you to ensure another never arises. 

Call now to schedule your inspection, and one of our certified technicians will be there as soon as it's convenient to identify the specific source of any mice infestation. Backed by the cutting edge in tools and techniques, as well as over twenty-five years of experience in the field, RAM Pest Control knows exactly how to remove mice in your Vail home, fast.

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