Eagle's Complete Guide To American Cockroach Control

American cockroach crawling in kitchen

What is worse than finding a cockroach inside your home? Finding a giant cockroach inside your home! Some species of cockroaches can grow to be over an inch long and one lives in our area. They are called American cockroaches. If you have recently seen large roaches inside your home, we advise you to seek professional pest control options. For fast and affordable services hop over to our contact us page. To learn more about American cockroaches and the problems they cause inside Eagle homes, here are some things to consider today.

American Cockroach Identification 

American cockroaches are fairly easy to identify -- if you can spot one indoors. This pest's general mode of operation is to avoid being seen. During the day, this roach hides under large kitchen appliances and in other tight spaces indoors. It is only at night that American roaches come out of hiding to look for food. Identify an American cockroach by its reddish-brown, flat, 1 ¼ to 2 ⅛” long body, six legs, and long, straight antenna. Another way to identify these pests is with the signs they leave behind. Here are a few signs of cockroach infestation you should know.

  • Specs of black fecal droppings
  • Shed skins
  • Grease marks on floors and countertops
  • Egg casings
  • Dead roaches

Use a flashlight to look for signs of cockroaches in your home and check in hard-to-reach areas like the backs of ovens and the spacing around your furniture. If you would rather have a professional look for these pests, let the pest control experts at RAM Wildlife & Pest Management have a look. We offer detailed inspections to help locals identify a wide range of invasive pests indoors and would be happy to pay your home a visit.

Ten Gross Facts About American Roaches 

If there is anything you should know about cockroaches, know that these pests are disgusting. To show you how disgusting they are, here are ten interesting (but mostly gross) facts:

  1. Cockroaches consume the fecal matter of other creatures.
  2. Cockroaches can run up to 3.4 miles per hour.
  3. Cockroaches can transition from floors to walls to ceilings without slowing down.
  4. A cockroach can withstand over 900 times its body weight in pressure. 
  5. Some countries crush down cockroaches and drink them in tea form.
  6. A cockroach can live for a week without its head.
  7. A cockroach breathes through the little holes between its body segments.
  8. Sometimes cockroaches crawl into people's ears while they are asleep. They quickly try to move if the person wakes up.
  9. Some cockroaches can bite humans.
  10. A cockroach can withstand five times more radiation than the average human. 

Does The American Cockroach Have Any Predators?

Despite its larger size, the American cockroach has a number of predators. Most of this pest’s predators fall into the class of mammals, avians, amphibians, or reptiles. As most of these animals are found around homes and rarely indoors, cockroaches value interior spaces much more. In other words, once American roaches have established comfortable living spots inside your home, they will have no reason to leave. 

The Secret To Keeping American Cockroaches Out Of Your Home

The only predator cockroaches have to worry about inside your home, is you. The question is: how do you get rid of cockroaches? Also, is there a long-term option to keep these pests outside where they belong? All of your answers are here with RAM Wildlife & Pest Management. Our team is standing by and ready to provide one-time, or year-round cockroach control solutions to address cockroaches and other pest problems in Eagle.

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