The Damage Voles Cause Around Aspen Homes

vole up close in the woods

Few things are as relaxing or inviting as arriving home after a long day of working or running errands to a green, lush lawn surrounding your home. Later, when you sit on the porch sipping a glass of iced tea, you feel satisfied as you enjoy your yard. However, that serenity can evaporate when you notice a labyrinth of trenches snaking through your lawn. 

When you see highways in your landscape, you need Aspen vole control from RAM Pest Control. Our family-owned and operated company has eliminated voles and other pests in the Aspen area for almost 20 years. Our expert technicians know how to remove these lawn-destroying creatures so you can once again enjoy a lush, green lawn unmarred by pests. 

What Are Voles?

Most people are familiar with gophers and moles but do not know about these rodents. Voles are 4 to 8 inches long with a chestnut brown topside and a dark grey belly. Also called meadow mice or field mice, voles have a stocky body, short legs, long, hairless tails, and small eyes and ears. Although called "mice," voles have larger bodies and a rounder face than house mice. Voles live in grassy areas where they feed on grasses and plants.

If you see rodents in your yard that look similar to a mouse, you need vole pest control near you from RAM Pest Control.

Identifying Vole Damage

The defining characteristic of rodents is a pair of upper and lower ever-growing incisor teeth. Voles use these teeth to chew through roots to create surface runways and tunnels throughout the yard as they search for insects, grass seeds, new plant shoots, and bark for food. 

Voles damage plants by chewing through the roots and exposing them to the sun, causing them to dry out. Voles damage the aesthetics of the lawn and ornamental plants, but they also harm trees by chewing the bark of seedlings and mature trees. Known as "girding," voles chew off the bark for food, exposing the tree to harsh weather conditions.

Vole damage often occurs in the winter under the cover of snow. When the snow melts, a criss-cross network of runways often confronts homeowners. Although voles cause the most damage during the winter under the cover of snow, they do not hibernate and can damage your Aspen yard all year.

Protect your lawn from vole damage and secure vole control from RAM Pest Control.

Effective Tips To Minimize Your Risk For Vole Activity

Once RAM Pest Control eliminates voles from your property, you can implement these tips to ensure they are not a problem in the future: 

  • Install hardware cloth or wire guards around trees
  • Mow the yard regularly
  • Eliminate overgrowth
  • Do not place mulch against tree trunks or underneath the shrubs
  • Place small pea gravel piles at the base of fruit trees to prevent girding.

The best way to control voles in your Aspen yard is to use the services of RAM Pest Control.

Trust The Experts For Vole Control Services In Aspen

We will send an experienced technician to your Aspen home to inspect your lawn. A trained technician can determine if moles, voles, or another pest is the source of your problem. As a company that offers wildlife control, we have the tools, training, and experience to remove voles from your Aspen yard. 

Your house is perhaps the most significant financial investment you will make. Protect your home, landscape, and trees from vole damage, and secure vole control near you from RAM Pest Control. Contact us today to learn more about our pest control services and request your free inspection. 

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