What's The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My Edwards Home?

close up of bed bug on fibers

If your home is infested with bed bugs, don't be embarrassed. Any Edwards home can have these blood-suckers. Even the nicest and most expensive properties can be infested with bed bugs. Getting rid of bed bugs is challenging but not impossible. So you don't need to throw away your bed and other pieces of furniture. Instead, contact a qualified Edwards pest control and management expert.

How Can I Tell If It's Bed Bugs In My Home?

One way to prevent exposure and potential bed bug infestations is to recognize these bugs and distinguish them from other pests. The common characteristics of young bed bugs (nymphs) include the following:

  • They're less than 5mm in length
  • They are often clear-colored or whitish-yellow
  • Nymphs are easy to see after feeding because blood gives them a reddish-brown color
  • On the other hand, adult bed bugs are far easier to identify than young ones. The common identifiable characteristics of these bugs include:
  • They have an oval-shaped body, often the size of an apple seed
  • A flat body unless recently fed (the body would appear slightly inflated)
  • Tan color or reddish-brown to light brown color of the shell
  • About 5-7 mm in length
  • Bed bugs have three body segments, short yellow hairs, unusable wings, and an antenna
  • Stale-sweet or musty scent is often released by the glands under the bug's belly

Effective bed bug control begins with the correct identification of these bugs. An expert of bed bug control in Edwards can help identify and eliminate even the nearly invisible bed bug eggs.

Does Bed Bugs In My Home Mean Is Dirty?

To most people, the presence of bed bugs in a property means it's dirty. This is not always the case. Unlike cockroaches or rodents, bed bugs aren't attracted to dust and don't search for food in unclean places. Therefore, it's wrong to assume that these bugs are a sign of poor hygiene or danger.

Bed bugs in Edwards feed on human blood and are rarely attracted by garbage. In fact, they hitchhike on travel bags, clothing, and nearly anything while you are traveling. This way, they can easily find their way to your home. Once they are in your home, they reproduce rapidly and spread unnoticed for a while.

What's The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Don't self-treat a bed bug infestation because home remedies like mothballs and hot water are ineffective. Even if some of these bed bug control techniques for your home will reduce the number of bed bugs in your home, the surviving ones will reproduce rapidly, and the infestation will most likely spiral out of control quickly. Similarly, using a one-bed bug control method isn't likely to eliminate an infestation.

The fastest way to get rid of bed bugs in your home is to hire a licensed Edwards pest control company. Such experts can inspect your property, determine the extent of the infestation, and use a combination of chemical treatments and natural pest control for bed bugs to get rid of bed bugs. Also, the company will help implement various bed bug prevention measures to avoid an infestation in the future.

How Can I Prevent Bed Bugs From Coming Back?

The key to preventing bed bugs from coming back is to stop them from entering your home. Therefore, you must be wary about acquiring used furniture, especially couches and beds. You must closely examine second-hand items before bringing them home. When traveling, inspect the areas you stay in and elevate your bags above the floor. It's also recommended to inspect your luggage and bags when you get home to be sure you didn't bring bed bugs home.

If you suspect you have bed bugs in your home, contact one of the bed bug control companies near you, like RAM Wildlife & Pest Management.

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