Everything Vail Residents Need To Know About Bats

bats hanging in a home

Bats are interesting creatures, eating dangerous and unwanted insects in large numbers. However, they also can do some significant damage to your home or outbuildings as they are creating a nesting area.

If you are seeing these creatures, you may want to seek out safe, professional pest control in Vail. At RAM Pest Control, our professionals promise to work hard to fix your problem with these flying mammals. We will take all necessary precautions to keep you, your family, and your pets safe during our treatment work.

Bats 101: Biology, Behaviors, And Hazards

The team at RAM Pest Control has extensive knowledge of how different types of bats behave, which helps us deploy appropriate control measures. 

Bats are mammals that can fly, making them unusual among mammals. They can measure between 2 1/4 inches and 7 1/2 inches in length. Bats tend to be active at night, seeking to eat insects, which is beneficial for eliminating pesky bugs. However, bats also can carry diseases and parasites that make them dangerous to have in close proximity to your home.

Why Bats Make Great Neighbors But Awful House Guests

Bat removal is a common request that our team at RAM Pest Control receives from customers. These pests are more common in the Vail area than you may think. People generally don’t mind seeing a couple bats flying at night, because they are so good at controlling pesky insects. However, people don’t want to see them nesting in their homes because of the destruction they can cause.

They also may expose you or your family to diseases if they move into your home. Some of the most dangerous issues you can encounter with an exposure to bats include:

  • Respiratory diseases caused by spores from bat droppings
  • Bat mites, which are parasites living on the fur of bats that can affect humans
  • Bat bugs, which can live on the fur of bats and can affect humans
  • Rabies, which bats can transmit through scratches and bites

The only way to fully protect yourself from these potential issues is through effective wildlife control services in Vail.

How To Deter Bats From Your Vail Home

You can take steps to try to make your home and outbuildings as inhospitable to bats as possible. Start by sealing any areas that lead to dry locations, such as loose vents that could lead to bats in the attic. If your outbuildings have holes in windows or loose siding, bats may attempt to move indoors, especially if you have security lights nearby that you leave on at night that could draw insects. Fix any issues like this. Uncovered trash cans may give off an odor that draws bats to the area, where they may then look to move indoors. Cover your trash with secure lids.

Why DIY Bat Control Is Never Recommended

Bat removal in Vail often involves reaching out to local pest exterminator companies. Attempting to control bats at your home on your own is a dicey proposition for the following reasons:

  • You could injure yourself climbing on ladders.
  • You may inhale spores found in bat droppings, possibly leading to an infection.
  • Bats will defend themselves by biting and scratching if they believe you are a threat.
  • Removing bats without harming them requires precise techniques and skill.
  • Because of federal protection for some species of bats, you could be violating the law if you don’t follow specific procedures.

Instead, relying on a professional is the safest and most effective way to try to control these pests. You can be certain that the team at RAM Pest Control will follow all safety precautions, as well as all rules and regulations related to controlling bats, ensuring the job is done correctly.

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