Mini Guide To Avoiding Problems With Wildlife In Aspen

a raccoon inside of a trash dumpster in aspen Colorado

Pests come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and we can probably agree that bigger is not better. When a few ants invade your kitchen, that’s one thing, but when you start finding squirrels in your attic, or raccoons in your trash bins at night, that is a whole other thing entirely. When wildlife invades homes, many issues follow. Let’s talk more about wildlife pests and discuss some practical ways you can keep these unwanted, furry guests off your Aspen, CO property.

Problems Wildlife Cause

When is the last time you can think of that a wild creature caused trouble on your property? Was it a raccoon knocking over and digging through your trash as you slept? How about a skunk that took up residence under your home and is currently assaulting your nostrils? Perhaps your problem is more simple, and simply involves squirrels stealing seed out of your bird feeders.

These are wildlife problems you can see. What you may not see is the fecal matter left behind by these pests when they get into your attic, garage, or shed. You may also not be aware that they can chew through wires inside your home, causing short circuits, and in worst-case scenarios, house fires. What you will notice is when one of them dies inside or under your home, and begins to emit a rancid odor. These are the problems that wildlife cause.

Issues With Dealing With Wildlife On Your Own

When it comes to getting wildlife off your Aspen, Colorado property, safety is king. This is why we highly recommend leaving your wildlife problems to the professionals who find accurate and professional pest control solutions. The last thing we want is for you to be bitten by a creature with rabies or some other dangerous disease, or to be sprayed by a skunk. Raccoons may look cuddly, but we assure you, they are vicious when threatened.
There are a few things you can do to keep these pests at bay:

  • Ensure that areas like attics and basements are inaccessible.
  • Place wire mesh in gutter spouts.
  • Seal up holes and damage in your foundation.
  • Make sure there is no structural damage around your home that could give wildlife access to your home.

Finally, seek help from your friendly neighborhood pest control provider, RAM Pest Control. Whether you have a skunk under your porch, raccoons in your trash, or you are looking to safeguard your home against future wildlife pests, we have an answer for you. Contact us with your wildlife problems, and we will find a solution that fits the bill. It’s our guarantee.

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