Why Are The Mice In Vail So Hard To Get Rid Of?

Mouse hiding in a home

With winter comes the buzz of holidays and the enjoyment of winter sports. As Vail residents break in their skis and skates, most animals hibernate or look for a warm place to ride out the cold. Mice are no different, and they frequently seek to make human homes into their shelter.

What Attracts Mice To My Home?

Mice can detect the temperature through their whiskers. So when the weather cools, they look for a warm place to burrow. If you aren't careful, your home could be a cold-weather haven for mice.  Mice are survivors - they can jump, climb, and swim. Some species of mice will even shed their tail if it is caught by a predator or trap. This hardiness that helps mice in the wild is exactly what makes them so difficult to eliminate once they find their way into your Vail home. Here are a few things that every Vail property owner should avoid if they want to keep mice out of their home this winter:

  • Clutter: Mice seek cluttered areas to nest and borough - like an unkempt garage, basement, shed, barn, or attic.
  • Gaps and cracks: If you can see light coming through a gap, it is big enough for a mouse to chew or squeeze through.
  • Vines and shrubs growing up against the side of your house: Plants too close to home are an excellent ladder and harborage area for tiny critters.

Property Damage Caused by Mice

If mice are already inside your home, you likely won't see them sauntering across your kitchen floor. Mice are elusive and typically remain out of sight. Some favorite nesting spots include, but are not limited to, wall voids, crawlspaces, warm cavities beneath appliances, and pantries with easy access to food.

Once mice have made themselves comfortable is when the damage begins. If an opening isn't quite big enough for mice to get through, they will chew and gnaw until it is. Mice will burrow into upholstered furniture and tunnel into insulation. They build their nests in large electrical appliances, even cars, or inside of your home's ductwork, spreading germs and potentially ruining your HVAC.

House mice, though small, are no laughing matter. Mice will chew through electrical wiring and plumbing. As a result, mice can cause home fires or floods. Many studies estimate that the annual cost of repair due to property damage caused by mice is roughly 20 million dollars in the US alone! It is imperative to stop an infestation before it even has a chance to begin.

DIY Methods To Prevent A Mouse Problem

Though mice in your Vail home may be inevitable, there are some preventative measures you can take to keep them away:

  • Seal any crevices inside and outside of the home.
  • Check for cracks around fireplaces, windows, doorways, vents, and piping.
  • Ensure there are no holes in the foundation or roof of your home.
  • Keep the interior and exterior of your home clean of debris and clutter.
  • Store food in glass or metal containers with lids.
  • Keep pet food stored in a closed container.
  • Place bird feeders further from the home, and be sure to keep all forms of clutter off of the ground.

Though you may do everything you can to seal entry points, keep your property clean, and practice safe food storage, you still may find yourself dealing with mice.

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