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a boxelder bug on a vail property

What To Do About Box Elder Bugs On Your Vail Property

July 15, 2021

The good thing about box elder bugs is that they only invade homes during certain seasons. This means that they are a bit easier to control than some other pests. This does not, however, mean that they are any less of a problem around area properties. If you have begun to see these insects around your Vail property, learn what you need to do to keep these pests away.... Read More

stinging insects on wood

How Dangerous Are The Wasps In Edwards?

June 15, 2021

In the natural environment, wasps are beneficial creatures because they pollinate plants. Wasps also consume many different small insects, which helps to control the population.... Read More

a dangerouse raccoon in an avon yard

Avon Homeowners' Complete Guide To Effective Wildlife Control

May 14, 2021

We love them, we hate them, but we just couldn’t do without them! The many wildlife species of Avon are downright essential to the food chain, the pollination cycle, and even the natural landscape in our little slice of the United States. Although they are important members of natural ecology, these creatures can still be a pain in the neck by damaging property, hurting people and pets, and drawing an entire household of parasite pests t... Read More

carpenter ants crawling on wood

How Did I Get Carpenter Ants In My Eagle Home? 

April 15, 2021

Pests have a lot of unique features that make defeating them difficult. For instance, most insects and creatures have multiple subspecies. While there may be differences among size and color, that’s not all. Variation can exist along with eating habits, behavioral patterns, and preferred habitat. All these facts apply to ants.... Read More

a bed bug on furniture

Edwards Homeowners' Handy Bed Bug Prevention Guide  

February 15, 2021

When you wake up to itchy, red bumps on your skin, it’s a bad start to your day, but you might not think about it the next night. Once it happens a few times, though, a peaceful night’s sleep becomes a little less peaceful, and the thought of lying down in your comfortable bed feels a little less comforting. The more you learn about bed bugs, the more you’ll realize that they are a common problem and that they can be more dan... Read More

mouse walking on wooden floor at night

Answering Vail's Most Commonly Asked Mouse Questions

January 15, 2021

Mice are some of the most common home pests in Vail, but they are also some of the most mystifying invaders as well. Many residents have questions about how, where, when, and why mice appear in their homes.  To effectively combat misinformation and confusion, RAM Pest Control has put together a shortlist of FAQs for curious homeowners.... Read More

a seed bug in a home

The Secret To Keeping Western Conifer Seed Bugs Off Your Eagle Property

November 13, 2020

When most people picture pests in their heads, a wide-range of insects will come to mind, from the creepy, crawly cockroach to the voracious, woodworking termite.  However, one pestilent mite that most overlook in both of these categories lies in the family of seed bugs — the western conifer seed bug, scourge of the coniferous grove.... Read More

a box elder bug crawling on the side of a wall

The Problem With Box Elder Bugs At Your Aspen Property

October 15, 2020

If you live in Aspen, you're probably familiar with box elder bugs. The insects often hang out on boxelder trees, but sometimes they enter homes and businesses. When they do, they can become quite a nuisance. Find out why you don't want this pest anywhere near or in your home.... Read More